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Trish's attendants
  • Sarah McCormick, Maid Of Honor
    Sarah is Trish's younger sister and one of her biggest supports. You'll always find them laughing and creepin together! Sarah and Trish have gone from sisters to strangers to best friends! Trish often refers to her little sisters as her Great Gifts of Sobriety.
  • Caitlyn McCormick, Bridesmaid
    Caitlyn is Trish's baby sister, and one of her favorite people. It does not matter what these two are doing, they will find a way to have fun! Trish, Sarah and Caitlyn always make time for at least a few "Sister days" throughout the month!
  • Erin McCormick, Bridesmaid
    Erin is Trish's older sister and has been a big support over the past 6 years. Erin is one of the main reason's Trish went back to school, as way to make amends. If she hadn't followed her sister's suggestion, Trish would never have found her passion and career! The two also had a whirl-wind adventure as they travled to Africa only a month after Matt proposed!
  • Colleen Schenkel, Bridesmaid
    Colly is Trish's closest cousin. They are 364 days apart and have seen each other through EVERY milestone! Colly is the most generous and loyal person Trish knows. Watchout, she makes some mean cocktails too!
  • Jaimy Pellegrino, Bridesmaid
    Jaimy is one of Trish's oldest and closest friends, they met in 6th grade after they both moved to Montogmery county from the Northeast. Jaimy and Trish have been best friends ever since and Jaimy has ALWAYS been one of Trish's biggest cheerleaders. It doesn't matter what these two are doing, they love to laugh together and with the rest of the Chicas!!!
  • Jordan Flaquer, Bridesmaid
    Jordan is the oldest of the next generation of cousins. Jordan and Aunt Karen used to spend the weekend with Trish's family when they would visit Gram. Trish has always loved spending time with Jordan. Especially since Trish, Jordan, Nicole, Aunt Karen and Gram are all pretty much the same person!
Matthew's attendants
  • John Nye, Groomsman
    John is Matt's twin brother and just married his best friend Nicole (Feb 23, 2013). John is a former Marine and served several tours in Iraq. Matt respects his brother for what he's done and where he's been and is glad to have him be a part of the wedding. John is a hard working guy and Matt hopes he has a great life with his new wife.
  • TJ Frearson, Best Man
    T.J. and Matt have been friends for almost 20 years and they always have fun hanging out whether they are golfing or smoking cigars. T.J. is a mechanic at his dad's shop and has been fixing and racing cars forever. He has always been a good friend and is one of the easiest going, good guys that I know. I'm sure we'll be friends for another 20 years and more.
  • Scott Thorp, Groomsman
    Scott was Matt's first friend in high school when they met at a CSC group and have been friends ever since. We always enjoy golfing and hanging out together and Scott and his wife Mary have always been great friends and have always been there for me and I couldn't imagine not having him be a part of this day. Scott is an extremely smart, successful guy and a great husband and father to his two kids. He is a great guy and will always be someone I respect.
  • Gerr Regan, Groomsman
    Gerr and Matt met in high school through Scott and John. They started hanging out and by college had become good friends. Gerr is also one of my golfing buddies and someone who is always fun to be around. Gerr has been a great friend and has stood by me through alot and, again, I couldn't imagine not having him on the altar with me on my wedding day. He is a smart, hard working guy, and I know Gerr and his wife Bret will always be great friends.
  • John Foley, Groomsman
    John and Matt have been friends since high school. John is a funny guy who always likes to laugh and break my balls. Me and John like watching Eagles games together and arguing about the team, all in good fun. John is a successful, smart guy who works hard and is a great father to his two kids. I know we will be friends for a long time and am glad John agreed to be a part of this day.
  • Joey Anderson, Groomsman
    Joey and Matt met a few years ago and Joey has become like a little brother. He is a fun, laid back guy who always likes to laugh. Joe is a hard working, loyal guy who just recently got married to his wife Whitney. Joe and Whitney and Matt and Trish always enjoy hanging out together. I'm glad Joey is going to be a part of the wedding and know he will be a good friend for many more years.
  • Peter McCormick, Usher
    Peter is the Trish's older brother. He is always laughing, and makes sure everyone around him is having a good time. Trish and Peter and always been close, as he has been a great protective older brother!
  • Jimmers McCormick, Usher
    Jimmy aka Jimmers aka J$ is Trish's younger brother. They both have worker together at Pumpernicks for years and have become very close (despite what he will tell you)! Jimmy and Trish like to go running, zip-linning or anything that is adrenaline building together!
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